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Florist Calgary Guide: Why and How I Send Flowers (Or Not) to My Crush

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What’s more exhilarating than having a crush? That feeling when your heart flutters at their every word, every glance. But when you’re still getting to know each other, things can get a bit tricky. Now, you’re probably wondering, should you send flowers to your crush? Well, brace yourself, because we’re about to dive deep into […]

Unbelievably Wacky Reasons People Send Flowers [Infographic]

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Table of Contents Bizarre’ is a high bar in Scottish politics these days, but the SNP has comfortably cleared it once again. The party’s deputy leader Keith Brown revealed Nationalist MSPs have agreed to ‘send some flowers’ to Nicola Sturgeon ‘as a mark of sympathy, given what she has been through over recent days’.  Sturgeon was […]

Calgary Florists: I had to Give It 1 Star

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Table of Contents We’ve all been there, haven’t we? That moment of uncertainty, wondering what the outcome would be when we placed an order through an enticing website. The allure of convenience and attractive offerings can be hard to resist. Yet, unfortunately, like many others, I found myself in a situation where my hopes were […]

Flower Delivery is More than Just A Knock on th Door

it’s more than just the flowers delivery FLOWERS Flower delivery is more than just dropping the flowers at their door.  Actually, ordering flowers to be delivered holds a whole world of emotions in it’s bosom. As the owner of Daisies Rubies florist, I want to take a moment to share with you the magic and […]

Find Your Perfect Bouquet: A Guide To Calgary Flower Shop Insights

From bold and bright to soft and subtle. Calgary flower shop offers a range of colours for your ideal bouquet. Learn about colour and your options here! Sometimes, when time allows, I analyze a flower arrangement slowly. I’ll touch the flower’s petals with a gentle hand as my finger slips through the exciting pathways in […]

Are You Looking for The Best Flower Delivery Service in Calgary?

If you are looking for the best delivery flowers in Calgary, you’ve come to the right place. Daisies + Rubies has all the elements and skills to provide the best bouquet you can find in this city. Whether you want to pick up your flowers or send them to a special person in Calgary, you […]

Order Plants for Your Flower Pots: Create Atmosphere

Order plants for your flower pots to create atmosphere in your room, office or kitchen and have fun!Every container and plant has a character. Bringing suitable floral and pot partners together can create a beautiful bouquet, a feast for the eye. Combining modern container designs with lush green plants creates a stunning and captivating interior […]

How to Send Flowers Same Day the Right Way

Carol had always been a thoughtful person. She made it her mission to brighten up people’s days with small gestures of kindness. She loved surprising her friends and family with unexpected gifts, especially during the winter season when the cold weather could get people feeling down. One chilly day, as she sipped her hot chocolate […]