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Residential deliveries: If your friend or family member isn’t home when the flowers arrive, don’t worry! The delivery person might leave the beautiful bouquet on their doorstep and they can pick it up later when they return (weather permitting). Or, they’ll leave them at a neighbor. So no need to panic! 

Business deliveries: Oops! If the office is closed or not accepting deliveries, don’t worry either. The flowers will be brought back the next business day or else delivered to their home or available for pick-up. But, you need to pay for the extra trip – sorry!  Oh, and our florist will call to schedule the delivery, just to make things easier. We do not recommend “surprise” deliveries, from what we have seen they mostly don’t work out.

Hospital deliveries: Hey, listen up! If you’re sending flowers to someone in the hospital, make sure they’re still there before scheduling the delivery. We don’t want the flowers to end up in the wrong hands, right?

Apartment, unit, or room numbers: If your friend lives in an apartment or has a specific room number, don’t forget to include it in the delivery address. It’s like telling the flowers exactly where to go. They don’t want to get lost, do they?

Funeral arrangements: Now, this one needs a little more time. If you’re sending flowers for a funeral, make sure to plan ahead and give some extra time for the arrangements. It’s a special occasion that requires a bit more lead-time, so keep that in mind.

  •  So, remember to double-check the address,  give clear instructions if needed, choose a convenient delivery time, and check with the recipient afterwards. Sending flowers is a fun and thoughtful gesture, and now you know how to make sure they reach the right place. Happy flower-sending!

Flower enthusiasts! We’ve got some insider info for you about bouquets and plants. So, here’s the deal:

Sometimes, we might need to use different flowers, plants, or containers for your arrangement. But don’t worry, we keep those changes to a minimum. We’re not here to play a crazy game of flower swap!

Oh, and here’s a fun twist: the vase that comes with your flowers might look a bit different than the one you saw on our website. It’s like a cool surprise from the flower universe. But trust us, it’ll still be an awesome vase to showcase your beautiful blooms. Here’s the thing, if we don’t have the exact container shown in the picture, no sweat! We’ll give you a heads up first. We know that the container is an important part of the whole flower package. Communication is key, my friends!

Now, here’s a fun fact: Daisies Rubies Florist rocks at having the same container as advertised about 99.99% of the time. We’re like container wizards! But hey, just in case we don’t have it, we’ll let you know. No surprises here!

But wait, there’s more! To guarantee the freshest bouquet ever, our talented florists might swap out a few stems in your arrangement. So, the color or variety might be a little different, but don’t worry, it’ll still be fabulous! In fact, it might even be an upgrade! We’re all about equal or greater value, my friends.

When it comes to floral and plant substitutions, we’ve got you covered. If you’re getting a bouquet or plant of one type, like roses or orchids, we’ll focus on matching the floral type. But hey, we might switch up the colors a bit. Variety is the spice of life, right?

So, embrace the flower surprises and substitutions! Our goal is to make sure you get the freshest and most beautiful arrangement possible. We’re like flower matchmakers, bringing together the best blooms just for you.

Keep rocking those flowers, my friends!





Furry friend alert! Listen up, pet owners! We gotta make sure our adorable companions stay safe around flowers. This bouquet or plant might have some flowers and leaves that are a big no-no for our pets. So, here’s the deal:

First things first, keep this arrangement out of your pet’s reach. We don’t want them getting curious and munching on something that’s not pet-friendly. It’s like keeping the cookies on the top shelf so your little brother can’t reach them. Smart, right?

Now, you might be wondering, “Which flowers are off-limits?” Good question! Some flowers can cause tummy troubles or even more serious issues for our furry pals. We’re talking about the flowers that are known to be toxic to pets. So, let’s be safe and keep them away from our curious critters.

But don’t worry, you can still enjoy your flowers and keep your pets happy! Just find a spot for your beautiful arrangement where your pets can’t get their paws on it. Maybe on a high shelf, or in a room they can’t access. It’s like creating a “pet-free zone” for your flowers. Problem solved!

Remember, we always want the best for our pets. So, be a responsible pet owner and make sure to double-check if any flowers or plants are safe for your four-legged buddies. They’ll thank you with wagging tails and purrs of joy!

Stay pet-safe and flower-ful!

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to make your gift as special and beautiful as possible. We do want each one of our customers to be happy with their purchase.  After all, flowers are a way of socializing with others.  We want to make sure your gift sends the right message to your loved ones.