Flower Delivery is More than Just A Knock on th Door



it's more than just the flowers



Flower delivery is more than just dropping the flowers at their door.  Actually, ordering flowers to be delivered holds a whole world of emotions in it’s bosom.

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As the owner of Daisies Rubies florist, I want to take a moment to share with you the magic and beauty that we create every day in our shop. It’s more than just arranging flowers, it’s about connecting with people’s hearts and souls.

When someone comes to our online shop looking for the perfect bouquet, it’s usually because they want to express something special. Maybe it’s to say “I love you” or “I’m sorry” or “Thank you”. Whatever the reason, we understand that every flower has a story to tell and we take great care in selecting the right combination of blooms to convey the perfect message.

As we work with the flowers, we pour our hearts and souls into each arrangement, creating something that is not only beautiful but truly meaningful. We know that when someone receives a bouquet from us, they’re not just getting a bunch of flowers, they’re receiving a gesture of love, appreciation, or sympathy.

There’s something truly magical about seeing the smile on someone’s face when they receive one of our arrangements. It’s a moment of pure joy that we’re grateful to be a part of. We feel honored to be able to connect with people on such a deep and emotional level.

At Daisies Rubies florist, we don’t just create bouquets, we create moments that will be remembered forever. We believe in the power of flowers to touch people’s hearts and we’re passionate about sharing that with the world. So whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want to brighten someone’s day, we’re here to help you make it a moment to remember.



The late Nora Ephron, a well-known author, once said,

“I have never met a woman who is not interested in getting flowers.”

This quote captures the universal appeal of flowers, especially for women. When we receive flowers, it can make us feel appreciated and loved, which is a basic human need. Flowers have the power to brighten up our day and bring a smile to our faces. They can serve as a reminder that someone cares about us and wants us to feel special. Whether it’s a bouquet for a special occasion or a single stem just because, flowers can have a positive impact on our mood and emotions.

Once the flower delivery driver knocks on their door and they get these beautiful flower faces smiling at them, you bet they will feel good.   Do they know they’re being acknowledged and loved?  If so, your flowers can have a powerful impact on their well-being. All of us, when we feel seen and appreciated, it can boost our self-esteem and make us feel valued and validated. This can lead to greater happiness and life satisfaction.

Receiving flowers for your anniversary is a beautiful gesture that can help you feel loved and cherished. Flowers have been shown to have a positive impact on our mood and emotions. They can evoke feelings of joy, happiness, and gratitude.

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Flowers can make you feel beautiful because they have a way of brightening up your surroundings and making you feel good. Looking at pretty flowers can put you in a good mood and boost your confidence. When someone gives you flowers, it’s a way of telling you that you’re special and appreciated. This can make you feel more beautiful inside and out. Plus, when you’re surrounded by beautiful flowers, it can be a reminder to take care of yourself and treat yourself well, which can also make you feel more beautiful.


“This is the spirit that Beauty must ever induce: wonderment and a delicious trouble, longing, and love and a trembling that is all delight”


Flower delivery services in Calgary offer many ways to personalize your gift and make it extra special for your loved one. One way we at Daisies Rubies Florist do this is by offering personalized messages that you can include with your bouquet. These messages can be handwritten notes that express your feelings and sentiments, which can make your gift more meaningful.

Another way to add a special touch is through customized gift wrapping. Our store has high-quality and modern wrapping paper. Our delivery services offer unique and creative gift wrapping options, such as adding ribbons, bows, or decorative accents that match the occasion or the recipient’s personality.

In addition to these options, Daisies Rubies flower delivery services also offer add-ons such as chocolates, balloons, or stuffed animals to make your gift even more memorable. These add-ons can complement your bouquet and create a more complete and thoughtful gift.

By taking advantage of these personalized messages and special touches, you can make your flower delivery truly unique and show your loved one just how much they mean to you.

Sitting and living alone, older man.

From Horsebacks to Hashtags: The Blooming Evolution of Calgary's Flower Delivery

Wow! Flower delivery, what a marvel of our times! Far better than the ol’ days, eh? I remember back in 1800. Not me personally, mind you, I’m not THAT old!


So there I was, in 1800, not actually me, you understand. I was George, a 19th-century flower picker. George had a beard so large, you’d swear it had its own postcode! Now, George loved flowers. But delivery? Ha! It was a mammoth task, and mammoths were already extinct!

Picture this. Dawn, Calgary. George pulls on his boots. Creak! Groan! His bones, not the boots! Picking flowers till noon, his arms heavy like sausages on a hot BBQ. He had the flowers, but delivery? Pfft! Off to his horse he would go.


Now, the horse, he was a noble steed, not exactly a Calgary flower delivery, Daisies Rubies van, but serviceable enough. Clip-clop, clip-clop, mile after mile, house after house. It was like as slow as a snail’s journey and on top of that, he got some allergies from all the pretty blooms in people’s gardens. 

Can you imagine sneezing your way from house to house? That’s the 1800’s Calgary flower delivery for you! Rose petal in the wind, dandelion fluff up the nose.

Was there any glory in it? Perhaps. But let’s hop back to the present, where we have truly perfected the flower delivery!

The sun rises in modern Calgary. Now, instead of George, we have Barry. Barry doesn’t have a beard, he doesn’t even have a horse. What he does have, is a smartphone. That’s the steed of the 21st century, no hay required!

He picks no flowers. Click, click, click. Order received, order processed, order out for delivery. All while sipping his morning coffee. A marvel, isn’t it? It’s not just a Calgary flower delivery, it’s a Calgary coffee-drinking, smartphone-clicking, easy-peasy flower delivery!


Think of the flowers. They love it too! No more rough rides on horseback. No, no! They travel in style, in air-conditioned vans. Each petal in place, like they’re going to a flower ball. Ah, what a life!

And the best part? Barry’s route is precise, efficient. No more wandering around, getting lost in the woods or chased by wildlife. Barry delivers on time, every time. Flowers fresh as dawn itself.

In conclusion, it’s clear as day, even without my glasses. The Calgary flower delivery system has truly blossomed, just like the lovely roses they carry. From horsebacks to smartphone apps, the leap is enormous, and absolutely, hilariously, wonderfully convenient. And for that, I doff my hat, in the middle of the road, as Barry’s van drives past. No sneezes, no delays, just the fragrant, timely delivery of flowers.

But, oh to be George, just for a day! Or maybe not…