Ever heard of Operation Flower Delivery?



Ever heard of Operation Flower Delivery?

It's all about that sneaky, silent desire for some flower power in your life!

How Calgary Flower Delivery when you want flowers but dont know how to say it. Woman surprised by the flowers she got

“Oh, my stars and daisies! Flowers for me? Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit, this is just the sweetest surprise!”

It’s what we crave deep down. We’re social creatures, right? So, society’s like, “Yo, money can get you everything!” Success means cash, baby.

And if you got money, you think you'll be swimming in love and get all your needs met. Money talks, they say. But hey, life's funny like that. It's the small tokens of love others give, like sending flowers that makes us tick. It's what we crave deep down. 

“Hey, don’t waste money on flowers for me, okay? They only make me sneeze, and then they die… pretty wasteful, right?”


Imagine what response world-famous pop pshycologist Jordan Peterson might have. Something along the lines of:

“Well, you see, there is this deeply intricate paradox that is entrenched within the very essence of our human condition. It’s encapsulated in this concept – “the things we resist are those we secretly desire the most.” Now, isn’t that something? It’s a reflection of the internal struggles, the veritable war of attrition, we’re constantly engaged in with ourselves. This tussle isn’t about mere preferences or tastes, no. It’s about our deeper sense of identity, our vulnerability.
We often put up a resistance against our desires. Why is that, you might ask? They frighten us. They appear too grand, too imposing. They push us to tread beyond the comforting familiarity of our routine, the known boundaries of our comfort zones. We decline them, we dismiss them, all in an attempt to shield ourselves from potential disappointments or to avoid exposing our vulnerabilities.

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But here’s the paradoxical part: this very resistance often only serves to intensify our longing. It amplifies our covert desires until they become so deafening that they can’t be ignored anymore. It’s a telling reminder of our convoluted nature, our multifaceted personalities. And ultimately, it implores us to stop resisting and embrace our desires, for they often chart the path to our most authentic selves. It’s not about succumbing to reckless whims, but acknowledging and integrating those desires into our being, refining them with wisdom and discipline, which in turn, can lead us to the richer tapestry of life.


Sending delivery flowers to people, is it something they ask for or not? Well, that’s an interesting question. While some individuals may specifically request flowers, there are countless occasions when the element of surprise makes it even more special. Imagine receiving a bouquet of vibrant blossoms unexpectedly, brightening your day and warming your heart. In many cases, people may not explicitly ask for flowers, but the act of sending them can bring immense joy and create lasting memories. It’s a delightful gesture that expresses thoughtfulness, care, and appreciation. So, whether it’s a special occasion or just a random act of kindness, the act of sending delivery flowers can bring a touch of magic to someone’s day, even if it wasn’t something they asked for directly.

After delving into the wisdom shared by experts on platforms like Quora, we’ve gathered insights on the topic of sending delivery flowers. It’s fascinating to see what others have to say. While some individuals explicitly express their desire for flowers, there are numerous instances where the element of surprise makes the gesture even more meaningful. Imagine the sheer delight of receiving an unexpected bouquet, instantly brightening someone’s day and leaving a lasting impression. Although not everyone may explicitly ask for flowers, the act of sending them conveys thoughtfulness, care, and appreciation. It’s a beautiful way to create moments of magic and bring joy to someone’s life, even if it wasn’t initially requested.

I find that if I have to hint or ask for something like flowers that I really don’t appreciate the gesture as much.

I’m not above telling the story of how every woman in the office cried when one of our co-workers received a dozen roses on her birthday. Her fiance had passed away earlier that year and had arrange for the of flowers for her birthday tradition to go on. Maybe a hint like that wouldn’t be so bad.

You can hint all you want, but it’s not likely to happen if he’s not the type of guy to buy flowers. So, if you want flowers, while you are at the grocery store, put flowers in the cart and thank him for them and tell him how much you love being thought of in this way.

Perhaps you’ll move past that, or you won’t. Either way you have flowers!

Note: my apologies to anyone who is unintentionally offended.

Sometimes, you have to be obvious. I would take him to a flower shop and give him an education on the different types of flowers. Then, point to the ones that are your favourites and say, “If you ever want to give me flowers, these are my favourites!”

Or, one day when you are both out walking, walk past a beautiful garden and say the same thing to him.

“If you ever want to give me flowers, these are my favourites!”


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Rorisang Thandekiso, known for her unwavering Christian faith and advocacy, recently shared her elation on social media. It all happened when she unexpectedly crossed paths with none other than industry giant and musician, Zola7 (Bonginkosi Dlamini). The former Yo-Tv presenter, originally from Bloemfontein but now residing in the Vaal, couldn’t contain her excitement. She took to her online platforms to express her gratitude and give a shoutout to one of her followers who not only showered her with love but also offered prayers.

In her heartfelt post, accompanied by photos of herself with Zola7, Rorisang shared the joyous encounter:

“This made my day!!! Ran into my big brother @jamazola7, haven’t seen him in years…”

“The highlight of it all was when he surprised me with flowers as a token of appreciation for my unwavering FAITH… no matter what others may say or think… He encouraged me to keep going, as many young people are watching and taking inspiration from my example… Sir, I truly love you… What you did for me today holds more significance than you can ever imagine.”

The spontaneous act of receiving flowers as a symbol of appreciation for her faith left Rorisang deeply touched, illustrating the profound impact such gestures can have on one’s spirit.


Flowers are important to me! If the guy doesn’t buy me flowers he can forget about commitment or me being the mother of his child. The first thing you see when you enter my house? “FLOWERS”. But this ain’t a reason not to buy me flowers. Why not skip one of his “guys night out parties” to buy you flowers, girl?. Those parties are sure more costly than flowers. Those who don’t care about flowers shouldn’t judge our need and love for flowers. Flowers can make our love grow too. For those saying flowers die anyway? Well so do human beings!

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