Unbelievably Wacky Reasons People Send Flowers [Infographic]



Unbelievably Wacky Reasons People Send Flowers [Infographic]

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Bizarre’ is a high bar in Scottish politics these days, but the SNP has comfortably cleared it once again. The party’s deputy leader Keith Brown revealed Nationalist MSPs have agreed to ‘send some flowers’ to Nicola Sturgeon ‘as a mark of sympathy, given what she has been through over recent days’. 

Sturgeon was taken in custody on Sunday by police investigating allegations of financial misconduct. She was released without charge after seven hours. Her husband, and former SNP chief executive, Peter Murrell and the party’s ex-treasurer Colin Beattie were previously arrested and similarly released without charge. 

The bouquet is a nice gesture from the SNP group, but Mr Steerpike wonders what they’re going to do about a card. ‘Hope you’re enjoying your retirement’ seems ill-advised. Perhaps Hallmark has a bespoke range for these circumstances: ‘Sorry you’ve been nicked’?


Is there a bad time to send Flowers?

Prepare for a wild ride as we dive into the realm of eccentric flower gifting! Unveiling the most absurd, mind-boggling reasons behind sending blossoms, we’ll have you giggling and scratching your head in disbelief. 

Calgary Flower Delivery witnessed the wackiest flower deliveries ever imagined! From congratulating someone on their ability to survive a Monday to playfully teasing a friend with a bouquet, the world of flower-giving knows no bounds. Join us on this floral adventure where we explore the quirkiest, most unexpected occasions that call for a burst of petals. The Infographic contains 5 utterly bonkers reasons for the flower delivery.

Sending flowers to anyone is a great idea.  This article celebrates all those who send flowers on a daily basis. Actually, giving flowers dates back centuries and has been a universal symbol of love, beauty, and emotions throughout human history.In Calgary, flower delivery serves as a beautiful way to express emotions and show care. While commonly associated with special occasions like birthdays and weddings, it’s the unconventional reasons that truly stand out.

From apologizing for a slip of the tongue to congratulating a friend on their new pet, flowers become the messenger of sentiment. Surprisingly, some individuals even send flowers to themselves, embracing self-care and uplifting their spirits. And let's not forget those who send flowers just because, delighting in the simple act of sharing nature's beauty with a loved one. All over the world flowers speak volumes, no matter the reason behind their delivery.

Calgary Flower Delivery why people send flowers and the funny and wacky reasons they do so. this inforgraphic and blog post gives more insight.
Calgary Flowers to Say "Thanks! Mom"

According to the experts (such as Jeanette Haviland-Jones from the university of Rutgers), said the gifts we choose say who we are and whether they affect how we are perceived.

According to Haviland-Jones, the brilliant mind behind this research, the gifts we choose can significantly influence how others perceive us. This information is especially useful for those looking to enhance friendships, romantic relationships, or even business connections. So, keep in mind that your gift-giving prowess has the potential to leave a lasting impression.

But the scientific power of flowers doesn’t stop there! Previous research by Haviland-Jones and her team at Rutgers University uncovered that flowers have the magical ability to instantly delight and bring happiness. They even boost overall enjoyment and life satisfaction. Amazing, right? Female participants in the study couldn’t help but respond with genuine smiles and reported positive moods that lasted for days upon receiving a bouquet. Flowers also had a remarkable impact on increasing contact with loved ones and friends.

The Expert:

havilandjonesJeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., is a professor of psychology at Rutgers University and the director of its Human Emotions Lab. An internationally recognized authority on the role of emotional development in human behavior and nonverbal emotional signals and response, Haviland-Jones has published several books on adolescence and emotion and is co-editor of the Handbook of Emotion, for which she won a Critics Circle Award.


It turns out that flowers have evolved to evoke positive emotional responses in us. Each blossom has the potential to brighten our day, sway our opinions, and create genuine connections with friends, colleagues, and loved ones. That’s the power they hold!

M.J. Ryan, the brilliant author of the Random Acts of Kindness book series and The Giving Heart, knows firsthand the incredible impact of gratitude and generosity. In her work, she reveals how expressing appreciation and practicing kindness leads to greater happiness, improved health, and a profound sense of human connection.

According to Ryan, a simple call to the florist can have a massive impact, even beyond the usual gifting occasions. Surprise recognition for a job well done, an “I miss you” gift for a distant family member, or a thoughtful “thanks for hosting us” gesture before visiting a friend’s house – all these unexpected moments of gifting hold tremendous power.

As Ryan beautifully puts it, a successful person isn’t just someone with riches and possessions. It’s someone who understands the importance of human connection and has the ability to touch hearts. And when it comes to evoking positive feelings and perceptions, flowers reign supreme. There’s simply no other item that can compare.

So, next time you’re contemplating a gift, remember the magic of flowers. They have the extraordinary ability to transform moments, forge connections, and leave a lasting impression on both the giver and the recipient.

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Why Calgary Flower Delivery love sending flowers [Infographic]

Sending flowers is like being a floral cupid, spreading love and joy with a flourish of petals and a dash of botanical charm. It's our secret superpower to make someone's day bloom brighter and show off our impressive skills in the art of gifting. Plus, who can resist the temptation to play Mother Nature's personal assistant? It's like we're starring in our own whimsical rom-com, one bouquet at a time.

why calgary flower delivery enjoys sending flowers [infographic] on some wacky or funny reasons people send flowers

Why I am So Obsessed with Sending Flowers

Ah, the allure of sending flowers and have them delivered at your favourite person in Calgary! It’s like being under the spell of a floral enchantress, captivating us with their vibrant colors and delicate fragrances. But hey, we all have our guilty pleasures, right? So, let’s dive into the fascinating world of flower gifting and uncover the thoughts and feelings behind this spending spree.

Picture this: You see a stunning bouquet, and suddenly your heart starts racing, your mind swirls with excitement, and before you know it, your fingers are dialling the flower shop’s number. It’s like an emotional rollercoaster fueled by the desire to make someone’s day, even if it means stretching the budget a little (or a lot).

But wait! Experts, tell us that our perception of this behaviour may not match the reality. It’s time to put on our curious hats and unravel the mysteries of our flower frenzy. Is the feeling we get from sending flowers truly as fulfilling as we believe? Perhaps, just maybe, we’ll discover that there are alternative ways to brighten someone’s day without breaking the bank.

So, next time the flower fever strikes, let’s pause, take a deep breath, and let our curiosity lead the way. Who knows, we might stumble upon even more delightful ways to show our love and affection, all while keeping our wallets happy. Remember, it’s not just about the blooms—it’s about the joy we bring and the connections we cherish.

Sprinkle Some Quirkiness: Send Wacky Flowers to Brighten Their Day

Puzzling Puzzle
When a friend spends countless hours piecing together a challenging puzzle, sending them a gift as a celebration of their puzzle-solving prowess is an unexpected and delightful gesture
Order All Occasion Flowers
Thanks, Tax Saver!
For the tax guy/girl a thank you bouquet and note - I never thought I'd say this, but thanks to the tax man, my wallet is feeling less attacked and more like it's doing the happy tax dance!
It's a Win! Gift
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Sending flowers for a special occasion is always a good thing to do.  However, sometimes it’s best to pause and think about the person on the receiving end and whether they will like your gesture or not. 9 out of 10 times its a heads up.  That being said, its good to ask yourself these three questions before you send some flowers for a wacky reason.

The trigger: What thoughts or feelings are driving my behavior?

The behavior: What action do I take when I experience that trigger?

The result: What is the feeling I get after completing that action?

why i send flowers-calgary flower delivery-blog post and infographic

Embracing the Elderly: Why It’s Never Wacky to Send Flowers

Teleflora's Hidden Garden Bouquet Bouquet

When seniors receive flowers from their children, a myriad of emotions is often evoked. The first, and perhaps most palpable, is a feeling of profound love and appreciation. Every petal, every fragrance note, echoes the care and concern of their offspring, reminding them that they are cherished. It also ignites a sense of pride, as these beautiful tokens are tangible reflections of the values they’ve instilled in their children. Moreover, the flowers serve as vibrant symbols of enduring familial ties, dissolving distances and bridging gaps between generations. For many seniors, this is not just a bouquet, but a deeply personal message of love, respect, and interconnectedness, wrapped up in the language of nature’s beauty. It reminds them that they’re remembered, valued, and an integral part of their children’s lives, infusing their day with joy, warmth, and a sense of belonging.